Thursday, February 04, 2010

SQL Object Search made easy!

Ever since I developed DB Search Util back in 2006, it has made my life lot easier. I was trying to find a string instance in different tables and was literally clueless. Out of frustration for those two days, I decided to play with SQL system tables and figured out how tables and their schemas are stored. Next thing was quite simple as I just had to query the table to see if particular string instance exist in the row set or not. Obviously there were technical challenges but were trivial, to be honest.

Since then this tiny utility become popular among Altiris (now Symantec) people at Cybage and there is nothing more satisfying to know that the utility is being introduced in SMP sessions for new comers.

Even though, I am consciously aware about weaknesses of the tool, I have never stretched myself to developed those extra bits. Biggest among them is an ability to search for SQL Object names itself rather than data. I don’t know if I would do that but recent announcement from red-gate has filled the gap. Give it a try and please yourself when you try to find objects out of 500+.

Note: For legal purposes I can’t show code snippet of the DB Search Util. However the first paragraph is enough and won’t take more than 6 hours to develop.