Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Are you worried over cross IE browser support?

If you are migrating your web application developed for IE6/IE7 to IE8, you know involved pain as much as I do. There are lot of things you have to tweak – and the list is not limited to CSS, JS or DOM. In a recent development where in my job was to support IE8 in native mode without breaking IE7 – I was heavily dependent on IETester. However that is more helpful towards rendering, CSS and DOM. So, as to get final picture I managed multiple VMs running different flavors of machines combining operating systems and browsers. This is again not so easy and full of hurdles.

Finally, today I noticed Microsoft announcement on Microsoft Expression Web SuperPreview. I have just downloaded it and checking how much it would be helpful. This tool announcement makes more sense to me because it’s from IE manufacturer – Microsoft.


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