Friday, July 10, 2009

Are you jing?

One of the most wonderful free tool I have ever come across – “the Jing”. Capture, Save & Share is what the mantra of Jing team. I am listing few important features that would interest you.

Jing Screen capture:
  • Capture screens and decorate it in one go.
  • Very rich image edit tool will allow you to put text, arrows, boxes, etc.
  • The editing tool is far better than any other including MS paint and it has just required things.
Jing Video capture:
  • Capture screen happening as much as you want
  • Save the entire video and share with your colleagues
  • It saves in SWF format so that you can view the video on any machine.
I would recommend this tool to any QA and Dev who want to communicate anything visually. Many a times, Dev complain about exact steps for any defect reproduction and then QA carry them to their desk to show the steps. This tool can capture your steps so that you the QA or Dev just have to send the SWF and you are done.

I played with the tool for some time today and found that it has all the power to put you in a great comfort. Check the below link.



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