Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Are you worried over cross IE browser support?

If you are migrating your web application developed for IE6/IE7 to IE8, you know involved pain as much as I do. There are lot of things you have to tweak – and the list is not limited to CSS, JS or DOM. In a recent development where in my job was to support IE8 in native mode without breaking IE7 – I was heavily dependent on IETester. However that is more helpful towards rendering, CSS and DOM. So, as to get final picture I managed multiple VMs running different flavors of machines combining operating systems and browsers. This is again not so easy and full of hurdles.

Finally, today I noticed Microsoft announcement on Microsoft Expression Web SuperPreview. I have just downloaded it and checking how much it would be helpful. This tool announcement makes more sense to me because it’s from IE manufacturer – Microsoft.


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Make sure to check DOLOTO against your web 2.0 sites

DOLOTO was been eagerly awaited by community for more than a year. The technique to optimize AJAX based applications named - Spitting the initial payload interested many but there was no formal tool to automate that. And most of the time people have to do that manually.

DOLOTO is brain child of Microsoft Research and more information along with installer can be found at below location. The idea is still fresh and you may want to share your results to “dolotofb at microsoft dot com”.

DOLOTO: Download time optimizer for Web 2.0 apps


Friday, July 10, 2009

Are you jing?

One of the most wonderful free tool I have ever come across – “the Jing”. Capture, Save & Share is what the mantra of Jing team. I am listing few important features that would interest you.

Jing Screen capture:
  • Capture screens and decorate it in one go.
  • Very rich image edit tool will allow you to put text, arrows, boxes, etc.
  • The editing tool is far better than any other including MS paint and it has just required things.
Jing Video capture:
  • Capture screen happening as much as you want
  • Save the entire video and share with your colleagues
  • It saves in SWF format so that you can view the video on any machine.
I would recommend this tool to any QA and Dev who want to communicate anything visually. Many a times, Dev complain about exact steps for any defect reproduction and then QA carry them to their desk to show the steps. This tool can capture your steps so that you the QA or Dev just have to send the SWF and you are done.

I played with the tool for some time today and found that it has all the power to put you in a great comfort. Check the below link.



Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Rich set of .NET services for Rich client

Starting from static web pages (.HTML, .HTM, etc) to dynamism with server scripts (.asp, .jsp, etc) to OO enabled server scripts (ASP.NET) to powerful client applications (ASP.NET + AJAX), THE web has already stepped into rich model of first class web applications delivery to end users.

Making the client rich alone will not work. And that is where .NET RIA services comes into play. There is a nice introductory page released recently, which will clear all your questions and give very good understanding of overall picture.

Getting started with the .NET RIA Services


Refactoring catalog

Refactoring is important part of Agile methodology. As they say no code is ever complete and there is a good scope of improvement. As most of my work experience include traditional SDLC models, I always refrain myself from accepting changes and if it becomes mandatory that goes as Requirement bug or Design bug if not change in requirement.

That was horrible.
That was painful too.

Now with Agile practice, you would say – well, I am open for any changes because my design supports that and importantly my mind too! Does that sound interesting to you?

OK, then there are people (Uncle bob, Martin fowler, etc…) who are ready to solve your problems. Being late in the Agile game, it is glad to see that there are tested patterns and practices that you can follow to ensure success in your software projects.

One of such practice they follow is Refactoring – continuous code improvement. Though it is de-facto in Agile, there is no wrong to practice it in other software execution models.

Definition of Refactoring as per martin fowler’s dedicated site:
Refactoring is a disciplined technique for restructuring an existing body of code, altering its internal structure without changing its external behavior. Its heart is a series of small behavior preserving transformations. Each transformation (called a 'refactoring') does little, but a sequence of transformations can produce a significant restructuring. Since each refactoring is small, it's less likely to go wrong. The system is also kept fully working after each small refactoring, reducing the chances that a system can get seriously broken during the restructuring.

Click on below links to find well researched articles to dig more.


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stepping into Silverlight

Recently, I have started exploring Silverlight 2 to replace existing ASP.NET traditional console to some extent with Silverlight. Well, actually I was going through many articles and web pages, but none other served me well than the below book. I am half way to complete the book and would like to recommend to anybody want to jump in the “expressive world of Silverlight”.

Pro Silverlight 2 in C# 2008
Author: Matthew MacDonald


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Want to modify Active Directory objects?

I can't believe I developed a full AD based application without using any tool as such. Recently I got to know about ADSI Edit tool from Microsoft. I would have solved lot of problems quickly with the help of this tool.

This simple utility can be heaven for anybody who wants to...
  • develop something using Active Directory; to find attributes and values.
  • test some of functionalities which are highly based on AD objects.
  • manage/edit AD objects, especially for IT professionals.
Check the link and get started.